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NESMA PAINT brand, which took its place in the construction sector since 1996, succeeded to take its place among the leaders of the sector in a short time. It has renewed its production and R & D department along with developing chemical technologies, and aimed to meet the needs of the sector on interior and exterior surfaces with its wide range of products and services. Keeping quality and customer satisfaction in the forefront in line with its goals, it increased its brand value.

Paints and Coatings

We are proud and proud of being one of the pioneers of the sector with our products combining quality, environmental sensitivity, aesthetics and harmony in interior and exterior paint and coating groups. We are flying with all our colors ...

Nesma Therm

In Exterior Thermal Insulation, NESMA THERM remains a reliable brand. NESMA THERM Energy Thermal Insulation Systems continues to offer the needs of the sector to the needs of the sector with 25 years of experience.

NESMA THERM Thermal Insulation System, which is produced with high quality and performance components in accordance with thermal insulation standards, is continuously developed in parallel with the needs and development of the market and continues to keep up with the times with its R & D studies.

Sove Prones

You can decorate the facades of buildings with details that will provide a decorative and elegant look. Our jamb applications have the feature of washing and cleaning with rain. With the special paints we use, you can prevent contamination over time and use it for many years. We make facade jamb applications with our expert team using professional methods. SÖVE PRONES products will have a lifetime equivalent to the life of the building but will add value to your buildings.

Uygulama Hizmetlerimiz

We produce solutions for your needs by using methods that require specialization with our trained and professional team, who are insulating and jamb applications, interior and exterior paint and coating specialist. We continue to serve the economy and customer satisfaction in accordance with the principles of continuous customer principles, not once and for all, without breaking the quality standards.




General and Practical Information

Paint consists of four main substances. These are pigments, binders, chemical additives and solvents. Pigments are solid particles in powder form. They give paint, covering, color, durability and gloss properties. The binders hold the pigments together and form the dye film. They give the properties of paint, adhesion, hardness, durability and resistance against external factors. Chemical additives are used to improve the properties of the paint. For example; pannier durability and fluidity. Solvents are volatile and serve as a thinner while the paint is applied, without changing the properties of the paint.

Surface preparation before painting is very important. Do not apply paint on dirty surfaces. The surface must be free of dirt and thoroughly cleaned. If the surface to be painted is bright, it must be dulled for good adhesion of the paint. After surface preparation, the primer should be applied to ensure better adhesion of the paint to the surface and to reduce the paint consumption. There are different types of primer for concrete, wood and metal surfaces. If the surface defects are noticeable after the priming, they should be removed by the putty process. After the paste is thoroughly dry, the second coat should be applied by sanding. The final coat can be applied. Concrete surfaces should be allowed to dry thoroughly. Do not apply paint below -5 ° C.


 Application and Appearance Features  Interior Paint Specifications  Outdoor Paint Specifications
Color  Stain resistance  Preservation of color
 Closing  Shock Resistance  Resistance to mold
 Flow and Floor  No yellowing  Not creating bubbles

Practical information

Solutions :)

Nesma continues to work with the determination and inspiration of the first day in order to ensure the continuity of the quality and to meet the expectations of the customer while producing the color solutions that will bring the customer satisfaction to the highest level ... We know that if you are happy we will be happy.

Color Your World With Us!

Beyond being a brand of paint, Nesma produces colors inspired by nature and adds meaning and value to every place it touches.

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Experience the comfort and quality of having a reliable paint application in professional hands with Nesma Boya master.

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